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LED Battery operated

Wholesale Flame less CANDLES... Flameless Battery Operated candles

All our wax dipped battery operated LED candles are HAND DIPPED in the USA by KP Home Collection, in PA!


We offer wholesale grungy Led taper candles, led tapers with timers, tea lights and Led Pillar candles. These Led candles are cinnamon dipped and we are currently offering five color choices and two sizes in led taper candles 4" or 7".

We also offer white Led taper also know as a flicker candle or flicker candlestick. and tealight blanks. If you are interested in bulk Led tapers blanks or tea lights please contact us.

CLICK the subcategory below for items with TIMERS...

**All our Timered LED battery candles are 6hrs on, 18hrs off, unless noted. The LED timer starts when you turn the candle on.**

» LED Decor     9 Products
» NON Timer Taper candles     3 Products
» Pillar Candles     37 Products
» Seasonal LED Candles     19 Products
» Taper Candle w/ TIMER     30 Products
» Tealights with Timers     10 Products