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Frequently Asked Questions....

Q: Will the items in my cart be saved if I log off?

A:  YES!! as long as you were logged in when you put items in your cart. Your shopping cart is safe, you can log on and off our site and your cart will be there the next time until your order is placed!  We delete inactive accts if theres been no activity within a year.

Q: Do you charge shipping I dont see an amount when I go to check out?

A:  Yes, we do charge actual shipping charges, it is determined when your order is packed, this way there is no quessing and no one loses out. Please see more below and on our policy page.

Q:  How much is shipping and when can I expect my order to ship ?

A:  Shipping is billed when your order ships, we charge actual rates based on the size of the box and the distance it is going. (additional info below)  Please see our policy page for current shipping updates, this is where we update ship times, Thank you! Under normal circumstances orders ship within 3 working days, you can click the link from our main home page (or check our policy page) our current ship times are kept up to date there. Holiday Season:  Please allow extra time ...  The times quoted there are for your convenience and are approximate, not a guarantee. However, we always try to meet the ship time mentioned.

Q:    What if I need my order by a specific date?

A:    Please make note in the NOTES section at checkout and tell us when you need to receive your order by.  Please keep in mind the hand made nature of many of our products. You will be contacted as soon as possible if we are unable to meet your request.  Please also feel free to contact us by phone or email regarding your special needs, we will do what we can to help.

Q:    Will I know when my order ships ?

A:    You will receive an email notification when your order ships, it will have your packing list and tracking information attached.  Please check your spam or junk mail, many spam blockers see businesses as spam and will put the email in there. You may not even be aware of it, so please check there and allow email from ups and us of course.  Please be sure the email address that we have on file is valid.

Q:    Does your company do custom work?  and/ or Can you design something for my company?

A:    Yes, we have many custom accounts and can work one on one with your business to meet your special needs.  Please contact us by phone or email to see if we can help you with your project.  All information exchanged is kept strictly private.

Q:    Do you have a paper catalog?

A:    Unfortunately not, all our items are online and can be purchased online, by phone, fax, or we also have many items available at our Lancaster, PA Wholesale Cash and Carry location (see locations). There we carry many online items as well as large items that are not as easy to ship.

Q:    Do you offer drop shipping?

A:    No, not at this time?

Q:    How will my shipping charges be determined?

A:     Shipping charges are not calculated until your order ships, we use FedEx  in most circumstances and your ship charges are based on actual FedEx rates.  You will receive an invoice with your order showing your shipping charges, it will also be posted to your online account once your order ships.  We do it this way so you are not overpaying.  Shipping costs based on the order total or by a percentage can be very inaccurate.   If we had to guess a percentage based on our experience we'd use 10-15% as a guide but large orders over $700+ seems to be less.  Of course if you are ordering mostly lighweight small items it may be lower and an order of mostly large items (heavy or not)  may be more. Please keep in mind this is just a rough idea and your charges will be based on current fedex rates. 

International orders are totally different and vary greatly by region, if you have questions please contact us.

Q:    How are your candles scented? Are they triple scented?

A:  Over the years we've noticed many companies use the phrase triple scented, qaudruple scented... blah, blah, blah is what we have to say.
The truth is the candle is only as good as the oil used to fragrance it. We use the highest quality oils on the market today.
We know this because our oils are so concentrated they can eat right through plastic bottles.
Our oils are shipped in to us in large metal drums or glass only.
A candle can only hold so much scent or it will just turn to mush.
We can assure you that our candles are highly fragrant. We feel you and your customers will be more than pleased.  Enjoy!

Q: Can I use your pictures? 

A:  Anyone using our pictures without first contacting us by email or mail for permissions is in violation of copyrights.  Please email us prior telling us what you want to use the pictures for, and we will get back to you asap with  info and a few very simple requirements.  Please include a link to your site where the pictures will be.. Thank you.  Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

  Q: I didn't receive an email to confirm I registered, or ordered, etc.

A: VERY IMPORTANT... Spam- Once again bigger and better spam filters have evolved, this does cause complications for legitimate businesses. We've been told some of our emails are going in spam it is VERY important that you allow emails from the following email addresses or add us to your contacts.... this is how you will get order confirmations, questions answered, and COUPONS! Check your spam!

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